Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Our first four foster children were angels. I'm not kidding. Angelic.  But there's a new tot in town.

Okay, honestly she is very sweet and lovable. BUT she has really been giving me the business these last two days.  She's definitely not shy. Her favorite words are HEY, NO, and MINE, and her favorite volume is loud.  Here's a list of some of the stunts she was able to pull even with with my unprecedented child care skillz:

Used a black marker for lipstick.
Wildly blinked the kitchen lights a million times while I was getting dinner ready. 
Squirted ketchup directly into her mouth, and not a little.
Drew on the computer screen (after a talking-to about non-paper drawing. She earned herself a time-out for that one. She took it like a professional).
Sprayed de-tangler on the couch.

She loves to cuddle.
When it comes to meals she never complains and really puts it away.
She's crazy about the dogs and is super sweet with them.
She's very good at remembering her pleases and thank yous.
She has a seriously cute little devilish smile.  Seriously, it is really cute. 

She's actually fitting in pretty well, but she definately is a challenge. But I'm up for it :)

In other news of the day, Maxwell came home early because of a snow storm scare.  It snowed maybe two inches and it was the heavy, wet kind of snow.  Not the kind that lasts very long, and not really the treacherous kind.  We did go outside and play while it was still snowing, and Pa came home early and hung out with us a little before he had to go and get all dolled up for some fancy engineering dinner with the governor.  Here's the pictures of the day:

"J" goes to a therapeutic day care twice a week.  This morning it was only going to be for two hours because of the snow, and Mimi was at her school until 11:30, so it didn't really seem to make much sense to go back home and come right back and pick up "J".  Especially when my favorite local lib is right across the street.  Of course the meter was broken, but that would hardly matter to those parking guys, they are ruthless.  So I took a picture to show the judge when I get a ticket.  And I stuck that little blue paper there in hopes that the parking guys would then notice the jammed change slot.

I got a couple of books that looked amusing, and I chatted it up with my favorite librarian. She's awesome: she hoards the good books in the back for me when they first come in so I can have them first.  I don't even ask her to do it. She just does it out of reader's kinship. I love her!

That's Jeter parked under the table.  He stayed there the whole time we were out in the snow. 

There's Mimi hanging off the swing. She just lost her boot and Pa had to go running over to the rescue. 

Pa returning from the boot rescue looking pretty darn cute...

Pa is looking very handsome today. He must be taking notes during Ice Loves Coco.

Offspring #1

Offspring #2

A tired Mommy taking it all in.


  1. Looks like you had a busy day. I hope you didn't get a ticket!

  2. Who is this mysterious anonymous person? Could it be my mom?

  3. Yes it is...I don't know any other way to post a comment.

  4. Just write love, Mom or I won't have any clue who it is! Silly!