Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thinking about blogging?

Allow me to offer some tips...

When thinking about starting a blog, please think of a cool, or at least inoffensive, title for your blog.  I have seen these really cool blog titles out there in cyberspace:

The lunatic is on the grass (Pink Floyd reference. Cool.)
The movement you need (Paul McCartney reference. Also cool.)
I make things and sometimes it's only a salad (nice. cool that you make things, and humble that it's sometimes just a salad. I totes feel you.)

Then there are some bad blog names. I hate blog names that make it sound like you are living THE dream of all dreams in some podunk Minnesota town. I'm sorry, it's just annoying, and I don't believe you:

Loving each day the Morrison family way (gag me.)
Honesty, inspiration, and iced tea (okay, that is so annoying)
Following our bliss with our six kids, and we're not done yet! (what is this, the Duggards' blog?  Can't you just call it "Our 6 Kids" or something? No, you have to include the bliss. Annoying.)

I also don't really mind the blogs that are "written" by cats and dogs.  I kind of think it's cute when it's done well.  I think it's kind of sweet that someone loves up their little doggy so much that they can't help but write a blog through their little pup's eyes. 

I also think it's cool when you make a specific blog about just one thing.  I found this one blog this one time all about how much this couple couldn't stand their next-door neighbors.  You could check up on them every few days and see how annoying their neighbors were being.  My friend has a separate blog just dedicated to her homeschooling experiences.  I've also seen blogs just about cooking or losing weight, getting a divorce, or trying to get preg.  I approve of the one-topic blog. 

I really hate it when you're just surfing blogs randomly because it's 2:30 in the morning and your can't sleep, and you get to a blog that has that visitor counter recorder thing.  Like it says, "At 2:30 AM you received a visit from someone in CT!" . That just points out to me that someone will know that some sleepless loser from CT (me) just went on their "Twilight-fan-man" blog at 2:30 in the morning.  Not a fun time. 

So those are my thus-far tips.  And I would also encourage you to not get discouraged if no one writes comments.  I get hardly any comments and I'm brilliant, so go figure.  I see a lot of people announce, "I'm ending my blog due to lack of comments".  Don't let it get you down. Just write for you and if someone else sees it and comments, bonus.

happy blogging!


  1. I love your blog. It's like ready a newspaper.

  2. Thanks mom! Keep on readying it :)