Friday, February 10, 2012

Come, let me take you to Poland...

My personal Polish experience:

I went to Warsaw when I was 21.  I went with a really crazy friend of mine and we had a great time. I remember eating in this McDonald's.  Also a really crazy KFC. It was a trip, pan.

We were broke so we would eat in college cafeterias. The food was awesome.  I took two years of Polish language at UConn.  Our teacher was always bitching about how she hated when people would say "pierogis" because "pierogi" is the plural form. If you only have one, it's just a pierog.

We were there at Easter time, which was cool.  Polish people are super Catholic, so they go all out.  There were tons of little stands set up all over the streets selling these little eggs.  I bought some and Max and Mimi play with them. And the guys at our hostel warned us to be careful because teenage boys throw buckets of water at girls on Easter morning for some really good reason, I'm not sure what exactly.

A couple years later I went to Krakow with my aunt but it was awful because we got robbed on the train.  I was devastated because I had been saving up all that money for about six months, and saving money in Paris on a teacher's assistant salary is not exactly easy. I had about 15 nervous breakdowns while I was there, but I do remember sneaking out one night and walking around this square, and checking out that little random chapel in the middle there.  I also wandered around the Polish Virgin Megastore for about an hour.

This is Doda, a really wild Polish singer who loves to get naked, but her music is pretty catchy.  I guess her mom is totes down with her antics because there she is positioned right between the goods looking happy as a clam. My elementary Polish skills tell me that this magazines proclaims, "Doda tells us how she did it for the first time". Right next to Mom's head I'm pretty sure it says, "Does god like sex?  Father so-and-so weighs in". I could be wrong, but I don't think so. 

Nie Daj Sie, everyone :)

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