Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haircut Night.

Today was a pretty good time.  I babysat for my friend's grand daughter Sophie and she was a very nice and cute little kid.  We were outside the whole day because it was 65 degrees out and sunny.  I took a walk with the girls and the dogs. Sophie was in the wagon and Mimi rode her bike. Then Max got home from school and I took them on another bike ride/dog walk.  We started going our usual way, but there was a crazy stray dog in the road and he wouldn't let us pass, and J&J seemed spooked, so we had to go another way.  It ended up being a really nice, long walk. The kids even found some chalk up in the circle and wrote their names all over the road. Pa got home early, so he came along on Haircut Night, which is a whole process since Max hates to get his haircut.  So what we do is make a whole night of it and go out to eat at the McDonald's next to Cutting Crew and then go over to get haircuts.  The kids love it and I don't  have to cook, so fun for all. Bonus: we were the only ones at Cutting Crew, and let me tell you, that never happens.  Usually it's packed.  And the two best girls were working tonight.  So Max and I got haircuts, and at the last minute Mimi decided to get a trim too!!!  I was so excited to see her beautiful eyes again :)  She's still growing out her hair (don't worry Mom & Mary!!!) but she got it neatened up and decided to keep the bangs short and feathery: an excellent choice because her hair looks 1000x's neater and even longer than it did before now that the shorter bangs are shorter.  Here's a pic for proof: 

What gooses. They actually mooned me the first time I tried to take this picture.  Don't worry, I won't post that one.  Max is really mad at me that I won't post it though!