Tuesday, February 14, 2012

In the closet no more!

Listen up, world!  I watch The Jersey Shore. And I'm here to defend it (to some extent).  Pauly is truly a nice guy (questionable morals, true, but judge not).  Who wouldn't like Pauly D?  And Deena is funny and just wants to be a good friend to all.  Snooks and I are kind of parting ways since I really think she's going overboard lately on the sauce.  I don't want to see her go the way of Amy Winehouse.  Jenny is cool but is having an off season.  Vinny has been taking himself a little too seriously lately, and dare I say it, Sam&Ron are getting better. Mike is just a lunatic, what's wrong with him?  Ever since the head-into-the-wall-episode in Florence he's just been off.  I do think it's time to wrap things up though.  Cabs are here.  And maybe stage an intervention for Snooks.  But it was a fun time.

The cast enjoys a typical afternoon tea in the shore house.
Ron's pinkie slays me.

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