Saturday, May 25, 2013

Two Weeks

A long two weeks getting ready for Maxwell's baptism (tomorrow!) and Pa getting home really late from work and kids not doing a great job listening and Mommy not doing a great job keeping a tight ship...

BUT here are some of the good parts:)

Nate was cute:

Mimi and I had a Girls' Day (and a Girls' Night and a Girls' Morning) while Pa and Maxwell went to the father & son cub scout camp out. Here's Mimi enjoying a rare moment without her baby brother cramping her style and stealing all of her Mommy's attention!

Here's Nate being adorable while the big kids are at school and not destroying the house. ahem.

Nate playing his FAVORITE game: Blanket Game!!! The rules according to Nate: Before my mommy gets me dressed, I have to kick around my crib while my mommy covers and uncovers me with blankets and I crack up! I can do it all day!

Then Mommy gives me a bath and gets me dressed. It's very exciting stuff and I need a little snooze after all that!

Mimi had an ear infection, and then two days after finishing her medicine, she got strept throat! So it was back on the medicine. But here's the crazy thing about Mimi: she LOVES that medicine! (it is SO gross). Thank goodness she likes it because no one knows how to make a thing difficult like our darling Mimi does. If she had decided she didn't like that medicine, we would have been in trouble. She stayed home from school with a fever that day. We went to the doctor in the morning to get Nate his shots and get her checked out. That's when we found out about the strept. When we got home she wanted to go outside. We put the sleeping bag down and she fell asleep for three hours!

When she woke up she said, "Than nap felt sooooo good!" :) Then she just hung out on the sleeping bag for the rest of the afternoon.

She took this picture of Nate...

...and this picture of herself. Doesn't she look pale? Poor Pip.

Here's Pip after she slept in her wet braids :)

This is Nate the day of the shots. It's so sad to get them their little shots :( But he was feeling good again as soon as he was able to roll around in his favorite place on earth: the crib!

See the little band-aids? Poor little Nateskins!

92 degrees!!!! And VERY muggy! We went for a short walk, but it was just too hot...

Wilting after only five minutes. Heading back for a cool bath!

After a nice, cool bath, this baby wants to rest under his ceiling fan!

Then it's outside for some shady games!

What is that face for, Nate? Note the pacifier. Now Nate does not (none of my babes, in fact) use a pacifier in the traditional sense. He just likes to chew and chew on it but he never sucks on it!

92 degrees!!!! This is HOT! What should we do about this???

What else!?!?

Cookies after the sprinkler.

It got cold again after just a few days! Can you believe it? Here's Nate in his cardigan.

Then it started warming up again. Sister and Brother Bear xoxox

 There. Our last 2 weeks. I haven't gotten much sleep at all. Pa is working hard and working late, so is Mommy! Hopefully this week I can figure out how to get and keep this little house clean because it's driving me crazy. So is the NOT listening from a couple of my bigger kids. Not sure how to turn things around or where to get the energy, but wish me luck :)