Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back in the Saddle.

Today was the first day of school and everything seemed to have gone smoothly for M&M. Maxwell does have the rowdy kid in his class this year, and Mimi has the gal who gives her a hard time occasionally, but hey that's life and they're going to have to get used to difficult people, it's part of the education. I no longer stress such things which is good for everyone. I learned that from my mother-in-law who told me she never sweated who Chris and Roy got for teachers because learning to have the difficult teachers was also an important part of the education. And look at those Eggers boys today so I think she's right. Mimi has the same first grade teacher that Max had, which is great because she and I are thick as thieves.  Max has a teacher who plays the piano, which is good since Max also tickles the ivories. He's doing great too, his piano teacher says he's been picking it up really quickly and she's able to go faster with Max than usual pupil. Go Welly, go! Nate and I had a nice, calm day just me and my Natey. A lot of playing with balls (his current favorite), a lot of cuddling, and two baths because he is the world's sloppiest eater. But the highlight of the day was the evening. I asked Pa if it would be okay if I took Welly to cubs tonight because I've never been and I wanted to get out of the house a bit, also Max loves cubs to death so I wanted to see what it was like. Well it was great, the boys made their own treasure maps and then we all had to follow them, we learned about flags and all the ins and outs there, and did all the formal cubs stuff that I never saw before.  Max lead the opening ceremonies which was pretty cool to see. It was a really nice night so it was really nice to just hang out outside and do the treasure map thing. I got over my guilt about leaving Mimi and Nate fairly quickly and was able to enjoy my night with Welly, something that is rare indeed.  I'm officially over my fear of ever getting called to be a scout leader. I actually think I'd like it. I can write that here because I'm pretty positive that the bishop is never going to read this! ;)  Thanks for a great night, Welly, I think it's just what I needed! xoxo