Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Great Parenting!

I have a personal parenting rule that goes: never say no to the ice cream truck and always be ready for it with a few bucks by the door!!!  It doesn't come by that often, and it's one of the most amazing things that can happen in Kid Land.  It can really make or destroy a kid's day, so I say, MAKE IT!!! Even if they have to flee the table and their current dessert of oreos to catch it ;)

While we were outside having pops, our neighbor pulled into her driveway and Mimi shouts, "Well look who just stepped off the ol' Mayflower!".  WHAT??? I don't know, but it was hilarious.

Also: here are some pictures of the much anticipated but very short-lived backyard camp-out.  M&M lasted about 5 minutes after the sun went down (even with Pa in the tent with them!), but they spent the whole afternoon getting ready for it!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mimi's FABULOUS Graduation!!!!

Mommy, Pa, Maxwell, Mary, and Phil had the privilege of attending Mimi's uunbelievably fabulous graduation from Tender Years Preschool this morning!!!  We had a fantastic year at Tender Years with the most loving, nurturing, creative teachers ever!  We're so glad that we found this school. This is nursery school at it's BEST!

Stepping out for graduation!

Mimi's shining star!

The teachers made one of these for every student!!!  THANK YOU!

A present for each graduate :)

The proud family :)

World's greatest nursery school teachers!


Mimi and her pal.


Thoughtful Mimi.


Working on something...


Working on her "Handwriting Without Tears" book.

At the lib.

With her BFF's.

One of my fave dresses.

Another good dress.

With the little black chick :) We got to watch them all hatch out of their eggs!

Wave your flag way up high.

Mommy read a story at story time, and Gianna came along!

Pippy at work.

Father's Day breakfast.

Last day of school!!!!

In march the graduates!

On stage!

Please stand for the pledge.

This was the most awesome stick tapping song.  The kids were great!

tap low...

tap your head...

Spotlight on shy Mimi :)

All about Mimi!

The Tender Years Class of 2012!

A little cake on the playground...

Then back home for bubbles and a party!



SAND: a delicious dessert made by Mary!