Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here's what's happening.

A note on my health: Made some progress with the acupuncture on the third session. I'm glad I didn't throw in the towel too early. I got some relief that third time, and this chiropractor is unbelievable. I did not know my body could twist and pop in such ways, all to my benefit. VERY glad to have found him.  And I like how they all work in tandem down there, I feel very well taken care of.  The pain is still very present, but they really managed to take down the intensity. It's really a huge relief. Thanks to that I was able to enjoy Mimi's Halloween fest in June (in June because we had a total freak show blizzard on Halloween this year and it had to be canceled...)!  So Meem's class got all dressed up and we had a parade, pops, and lunch on the Naugy green. So, so cute. I love watching Mimi with her girlfriends, it is such a riot.  Here's some pics:

Mimi and her BFF's.  This is a pretty solid posse. The little cowgal on the right had super long hair up until this week.  She donated it and now has a cute Posh Spice-5-years-ago doo. Mimi has been saying she wants long hair like hers for months, so we've been growing it. Now that it's short I've been trying to sell it, but Mimi won't budge. Oh well!

Going up to get their pops.

Checking out the nails.

Can you see that Mim has real make-up on? She was very excited about this! It's red lip gloss and blue eye shadow :)

More to be excited about (if you're me):

My hairdresser left her salon and I just don't have the slightest inkling about where to turn. To say the least, my hair has been quite neglected over the past few months, not to mention the lack on funds thanks to the expensive diabetes supplies, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.  So ya, hair is taking a back seat.  Oh, and since I'm preg, it's been growing fast and I'm really starting to look like a crazy lady. The front is getting really long and heavy and is falling in my eyes. I HATE THAT. I've always hated having hair on my forehead or near my eyes.  Truly, hair can really drive me crazy.  I really need it out of the way or I start to spaz. Right now my hair is a shaggy mess. BUT here's the exciting part :) If you know me then you know I'm no stranger to the head scarf.  I love em.  I found a GREAT tutorial on-line on making and tying head scarves. I made a few and they rock. I'll probably be wearing this or some variation for the rest of my pregnancy (sorry mom...) since I have no motivation or $$$ to find a new, decent hairdresser at the moment. But look, isn't it cute in a way?

Look how happy a head scarf can make me.

Taking pictures in the mirror is harder than it looks. Here's a shot from the top.

Attempting to show you the back. It has a cute little knot on the bottom.

Attempt at the side/knot shot.  Not so easy to snap a good one. This is the best I could do.  Also notice that I am turning my head!!! Such progress from the last two weeks.  This would have been impossible before.

Here's a picture Mimi took in the back yard. It reminds me of Morocco for some reason. I think it's the colors and the chipped paint. Morocco is a very colorful place.  And a very chipped place, in a good way.

Also this weekend Christopher went on a camping trip with his boy scout troop and I was home with the kids.  Today was really grey and icky, so I took them to see Madagascar 3.  I die over the first two Madagascar movies.  But this one was a disappointment :(  Not so great.  But it was good to get out, and the sun was coming out when we were leaving, and the rest of the day was really nice. Pa came home in time for dinner, PIZZA!!!!!  So, so good.  Especially since I'm eating light carbs, the bit of pizza was awesome.  And my numbers were good afterwards too, phew! Oh, and lately Mimi has been doing my blood sugar readings. She loves anything medical.  She loads up the glucose meter and cocks the finger pricker and everything, then she fires it up and catches the blood on the reader.  She's loving it.  She wants to do my insulin shots too, but I have to draw the line.  She loves to watch thou :)


  1. So glad you got a little relief! And that you blogged!! ;) We had pizza tonight too! YUMMMM! Hey how about you share the head scarf tutorial link!?! I love you and I was knitting on a hat for your babe!!! Are you finding out the gender? XOXO

    1. I don't know how to link things, but the head scarf tutorials are on a website called And Rivka Malka shows how to tie tichels (and has some really inspiring spiritual messages) on her website,

  2. YAY! baby hat :) I LOVE finding out the gender, it's my favorite part. I'll hopefully know on Monday, which means so will you ;)

  3. WOW! Already!! YAY! And I still want the link... And I added a cool new widget to the sidebar of my blog mostly just for you!! ;) XO