Friday, June 22, 2012

experiment by default.

I am turning my lack of skrilla and time into an experiment.  I had my hair cut super short a couple weeks before I found out I was pregnant. Now I'm 19 weeks pregnant and I haven't cut it since. I realized I could change my unfortunate hair situation into an experiment: Does hair really grow faster when your pregnant?  Let's see...

Happy having nice, short hair that behaves and doesn't bother me...

More short hair smiles :)\

The next day. Just couldn't be happier!

OMGosh, it's worse than I thought. Notice the semi-horrified expression. Now do you see why I wear headscarves?

Okay, I'll smile, but I look like that Danke Schoen guy. Note the tiredness, people! And yes, take the hint!


I don't have a back shot of the first doo, but this how it is now...

I have lots of pictures like this. It's hard to take a shot of the back of your head in the mirror!

Last one. 

Looking at these pictures makes me want to take a pair of scissors to my own head, but I've tried that before (in France) to very horrible results.  I guess I'll wait it out.  Let's see how long I last!  Maybe 40 weeks?  I don't know... but that would be interesting if not agonizing.  I'll see if I come into a lucky combination of skrilla, time, and baby-sitters.  If not, I think I'm looking at a continued experiment.


  1. What's skrilla? Adorable mop top!

  2. Skrilla is $$$$!!! I love it b/c on Curb Larry David picks up a hooker so he can take the car pool lane to the Dodgers game and she's such a pain and keeps yelling about her skrilla. HAHAHAHAHA that is one of the best episodes :) I love it when people say skrilla.