Sunday, May 12, 2013

Max and Mommy Day!

Happy birthday to my first baby Welly xoxoxo AND thank you Pa, Max, Mimi and tiny Nate for making it a great Mother's Day too!

Getting ready to party! (Mommy hasn't moved the big pile of laundry to the bedroom yet, but she will, in the nick of time!)

Funny little face :)

Let's get this party started.

Two good random group shots:

Are these two guys cute or what!?!

Having some lunch outside!

Checking out the action in the new bug playground!

 Don't worry, it's catch and release!

Look, my socks are getting small! I'm such a huge guy! Can you believe that 6 months ago I only weighed 4&1/2 lbs?!?

Phil is happy to be hanging out with these two stunning beauties!

Gianna and Nate xoxoxo

This is my new Mother's Day necklace from Mimi! I really love it! I wish you could see the design in the circle because it it so pretty!

Maxwell got some really cool stuff!

Gianna is the best mother's helper. Nathan looks the most like Gianna!

I have a TON of pictures in this same configuration...

Mary made the OREO cake and I made the white one with the candles (strawberry inside :)

How cool are these candles? The flames are different colors!

This is some party! These two need to take a little break...

The lilacs are always the prettiest on Maxwell's birthday :)

Two old marrieds :) Such a cute picture of Pa!!! xoxoxo

The party is still going strong!

More flowers in the yard. I'm loving this season!

Nate, not again! Okay, time to call it a night!

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