Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just a few things from the last couple of days...

Pa took these two pictures during story time the other night:

School was cancelled yesterday, but there really wasn't that much snow. Our town cancels school for any amount of snow.  Kind of lame when you think about them having to make up the missed days in the scorching CT heat and humidity in the summertime.  Nicky came over in the morning and spent the day with us.  We had pizza for dinner because both Max and Nicky were annoyed that school was cancelled on Friday, which is pizza day.  Apparently our town has really good school pizza, the kids are always raving about it (on the menu it says "Big Daddy's Whole Grain Pizza". That does sound yummy :) And Maxwell's school always smells good):

 I wish there was sound for this picture because they're on, the website they use at school on the computers, and they're all singing along to the songs together.  The kids love Starfall and I love Starfall!!!  I even bought a web subscription to the site so I could access all the additional stuff that the teachers' have.   It's been a good investment.  Max can show me all the stuff he did at school and do more stuff at home :)

I wish I could show you the little baby that's been with us these last few days but it's against the rules :(  She's super cute!!!!!  Big head of curly black shiny hair and the biggest brown eyes ever.  Her foster mama requested respite because she had to go out of state for a funeral, so we took her for a just a few days.  Her foster pop is coming tonight to pick her up.  She's been really fun and cute :)