Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day i guess.

I'm not really sure if I like Valentine's Day.  I guess if I have to wonder about it, I probably don't.  Nothing too great ever really happens.  And it's kind of annoying and I think people who don't have a S.O. feel bad and left out and that is kind of cruddy.  Even if you have a S.O. there's no guarantee it's going to be great, or even good, or even not disappointing.  Maybe this year won't be too bad though. "A" is moving out of her hospital residential and into a group home today :)  I'm going up tonight to help her settle in.  She's really excited about it and I think she's ready.  She's been doing really well, and I'm really proud of her.  It's also a touch closer to home, so instead of a 50 minute drive, it will be more like 40.  I wish I could post a picture of her or even use her name, but I can't do either.  I can tell you that she has really beautiful eyes and a pretty smile with very white, straight teeth.  She has a great sense of humor too. On Saturday we had a fun time together.  We went to see that movie "The Vow" about the woman who bangs her head and forgets she's married, and her husband has to woo her all over again.  It was cute, and "A" loved it.  It was freezing that day but she still wanted ice cream from Cold Stone.  I'm pretty sure we were their only customers that day.  She also gave me an early Valentine's present: a beaded bracelet that she made for me :) 

Well, try to have a good Valentine's day with someone, even if it's just your older brother and your dog, like this little chica in the above Valentine pictorial. 


  1. Yeah, Dan's out of town and unfortunetly since this year we are too far we don't even get to have a cousins valentines dinner with Mary and her crew. :P Ryan is gone again this year too.

  2. The untrained observer might conclude your husband is unromantic! :)