Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Muppet props

Mimi and I just watched The Great Muppet Caper. I haven't seen that movie in probably 25 years.  I loved that movie, and I remember how I took it so seriously as a kid.  Probably because there were muppets AND real people in it. Let me tell you that watching it again at age 32 was a riot.  How do they make the puppets' faces so expressive? I can't figure it out but they do.  Miss Piggy is just too much.  When she drops the model with the knee injury backstage because she has to go on in her place: that is priceless.  Then she works the runway in the bathing suit with the elaborate cape and has that hilarious synchronized swimming daydream with Kermy and Lady Holiday's brother singing in little ovals over her shoulders, culminating in her falling off the runway and into the koi pond fountain.  And then she says, "I was just looking for my contact lens"!!!!!  THEN Brother Holiday slips the de-diamonded necklace into the pocket of her trench and puts it on her, and she pulls it out and is accused of thieving.  SO she yells at him "You did it, and you can't even sing! Your voice was dubbed!". Does it get any funnier than that? Here's a hilarious picture to whet your appetite:

p.s. Nicky's over today. They put this movie on and had some HOPS and then ran outside for a while. When they came back in, it was right at this part, and when Miss Piggy came out of the water with the sparklers on her head, Nicky said, " Now THAT's style."  How cute is that?


  1. Your going to love the new one! We saw it in the theatre at my moms house at Thanksgiving. I love the muppets!!

    1. I remember one night when RJ&F were over, Riley put this movie on, and I remember thinking how cool it was that out of all the DVD's we have, he picked an old school muppets movie. :) I should have watched it with him!