Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today I brought our foster daughter to her social worker's office and said goodbye. She's going to live with her aunt.  I think she'll be okay but it's sad to say goodbye to someone you got to know and nurtured and loved, even for a brief time. Maxwell's friend Nicky was supposed to come over and play with Maxwell after school, but they had to cancel.  I knew Max was going to be really upset when he got off the bus. He definitely was.  The first thing he said to me was "So when is Nicky getting here????".  That was not fun news to break. I was also supposed to go mentor today but a wrench got thrown in that one too. Then the woman who is in charge of matching foster kids with families came over.  She wanted to see the whole house (didn't know that...) and when she went upstairs to the disasters which are the kids' rooms she said, "oh my...". That was really nice to hear. Since it was 60 degrees out, I took the kids for a bike ride downtown to try to cheer up Maxwell, myself, and get us all some fresh air.  It started out very nicely until Maxwell decided to ride his bike through this gigantic flooded parking lot. I told them both not to go in the water. Did they listen? No. Of course not. We've had some big listening problems lately, so of course they rode their bikes straight through it.  The water was about a foot deep at the other end of the lot and their shoes were saturated, along with their socks and their pants up to the knee.  Max claims he didn't hear me (baloney) and later recanted and said maybe he heard me "a little bit".  Mimi says she was just trying to follow the example of her older brother. Yes, she actually said that. Nice try, Mimi.  I was SO mad at them.  I really needed that walk and so did they.  They are upstairs in their rooms with the doors closed for the next half an hour after a very stern lecture about listening, fibbing, and brattiness. I know most bloggers and facebookers and the like show only the best of life, but not me. I'm telling it like it is: Today was horrible.  Here's a picture of the crime in action.


  1. I really like the crime picture... So sorry it was such a rough day, the social worker most likely would have passed out over Jake and Fern's room. ;)

  2. It actually is kind of a cool picture :) Miss you a lot xoxo