Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The party continues!

When we got home from our birthday luncheon, Mimi got to open one of her presents (the others are behind her on the toy box), and she picked this one! Good choice, Pip! A doll from Ethiopia :)  Afterwards we played dolls all day, and the new doll was the "mom" in our game.  When Pip pretended it was time for her to have a baby, she said, "Somebody cut the cord!"  It was too cute!

Pip with her new doll :) She has the best hair!!!!

Gianna presents the cake(s). Judy picked up an extra one because she thought putting a candle in Elmo's head was wrong somehow (I stuck one in anyway, but thanks for the extra cake, Jude!).

Singing to the beautiful birthday girl, English and Polish versions, naturally!

 The gang's all here to wish our Pip a happy birthday!  It was a really fun party :)

 Here's me and Pip (and a few good men in the background looking on!).

 I steal a birthday smooch xxxxxxxxxx

Love... xoxoxo
Mary gets a good-bye nosey from Maxwell :) 
This was one of our best birthdays yet. I love Mimi's winter birthday!

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  1. Looks like big fun!

    The elmo cake was good.