Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Trying my best here...

We were recently given our first foster placement.  Max and Mimi have gotten a crash course in two-year-old psychology & behavior.  I have gotten a crash course on the adult side...

Not-so-helpful comments & questions we've received, directed to me unless otherwise noted (I swear these are all real comments. really.):

1. OMG how will you ever give her up/ part with her/ let her go back to those people?
2.  So, can you tell me what happened to her? 
3. (to her or our other children) How do you like your brand new sister/brother/mommy/family, honey?
4. OMG she's soooooooooooo gorgeous! (only obnoxious when they act like the two other children standing next to her are invisible and have no feelings). 
5. (to her) Oh you poor little thing! Too bad you can't stay with your new mommy forever! (yes, this really was an actual comment).
6.  You're lucky you got a good one. 

Comments and questions we have welcomed happily:

1.  (to her)What a great family you get to visit!
2.  (to our kids) Is it fun having a new friend staying at your house?
3.  What cuties you have!
4.  I've been thinking about doing that myself. Can I ask you a few questions about it?
5.  I think that's a great thing to do.  Let me know how I can give you a hand (and she really meant it and she did).
6. She'll always be better off for being with you for this short time because she'll forever have your prayers :)

If you are a question/comment offender yourself, no worries, it's a delicate situation for sure.  Just please learn from the list :)  If you don't know why your comment falls under the not-so-helpful list, I'd be happy to help you out, leave a comment or e-mail.


  1. Glad I got a positive comment to this one! And the feeling is mutual :)