Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sew not working.

Sew, today I went to town moving a bookcase and a really heavy toy box so I could set up this adorable little sewing corner in my living room.  I planned on sewing little patchwork squares while listening to District Attorney Jack McCoy do his thing in the background. When the kids were all tucked in and asleep (after some serious wrangling), Chris asked me if I wanted help setting up my sewing machine so I could "sew my troubles away" (he's so cute!).  But guess what!  Everything was cool until we hit this kind of serious glitch called the foot peddle doesn't stop when you take your foot off!!!  What??? Come on, machine, are you serious???  Here's Chris trying to figure it out with the manual, but of course all the manual says is "step on the peddle to start sewing and take your foot off to stop".  I guess I'm back to menial labor for tonight.  So bummed.  Has anyone ever encountered this ridiculous problem before?  HELP!


  1. That is not normal. You might have a glitch on your hand...

  2. Do you think the problem is in the foot peddle or with the actual machine?