Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 hour delay

We finally have a nice snowfall.  Maxwell's school has a 2 hour delay :)

Here's Jilly watching our neighbor shovel snow.  Everything is nice and cozy here.  The kids are watching Scooby Doo and drinking their warmed-up HOPS.  We have a strict rule about no shows before school, but snow delays are special exceptions :0) 


  1. Our snow is all gone except in the shade. :(
    I'm a little afraid to ask but what is HOPS?

  2. When Max was a baby he used to call nestel Quick "HOP" because of the bunny on the can, and it has forever stuck :)

  3. Ha Ha! Too cute! Our non-dairy one has a polar bear on the can, so they call it polar bear chocolate....