Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ready to be shocked?

The comments were pretty priceless the first time we shared our home with a foster child, so you could imagine the colorful comments I'm getting now that I have not one but two children, and this time they are unmistakably 100% African American.  The first day I stepped out to do our usual thing I had them in tow. I dropped Mimi off at Nursery School and I received this gem of a comment from one of the moms : "Isn't that horrible? Now why can't they just keep them with their own race?"  This woman had absolutely gone nuts over our last foster child, going on and on to me about how beautiful and precious she was (she was, but so are these two children).  I think she thought she was commiserating with me or something, who knows. Obviously I don't share her racists views since these kids are LIVING WITH ME. But ignorance knows no bounds. When I got back to the house I told Chris and shed some tears, I just couldn't help it (could you?). Later that day we all took Mimi down to her Kindergarten registration and we were received with love and grace (thank GOD): no inappropriate comments or questions, just love and kindness and a warm welcome.  I also had to take the little girl to the doctor's yesterday. She had an ear infection.  I made the appointment and explained her situation. When we got there the nurse very snidely said, "You know we don't have any information or history on this child", and really gave me the stare-down. I said, "Neither do I, she came from a shelter yesterday, but she's a human child whose complaining that her ear hurts and her temperature is 100 degrees and this is a doctor's office."  I was so all set with that baloney.  She kind of changed her tune after that and did the whole, oh-well-we'll-treat-her-of-course-but-we-like-the-history-blah-blah-blah.  Ya, lady, we'd all like the history, but sometimes that's how it goes. The doctor himself was very nice, and low and behold, he looked in her ear and prescribed her antibiotics: an truly amazing feat for a doctor treating a small child without a folder packed full of "history".  She's doing really well today and so is the little man :) 

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