Friday, February 17, 2012

Lots of good stuff.

I wish I could take the credit as the one who snapped these snaps, because then that would mean I was there AND that I took these beautiful pictures. But it was Christopher, out gallivanting in the city last night, who took these beauties.  He went to hear a lecture about what happens to water in the soil during an earthquake (he was telling me about it when he got home, apparently the water starts to jiggle and it causes all sorts of problems. He had some fancy word for it, but it was after midnight and I was snoozing and only kind of heard him.  If you're lucky he may leave the word in the comments). Then he went out to dinner at an Irish restaurant. Nice job, honey, I really love these pictures. I haven't been to the city in a LONG time, and this really makes me want to go and take the kids.  I think that would be so fun.  I really love cities. 

I love all the different windows in this picture and the lights on inside.  I love the overcast sky.  Lovely.

In other news, Mimi and I have been working on this little workbook: 

I love stuff like this and Mimi got really into it.  I thought we could do a page a day and a little lesson on each country, but she was so into it that we did 5 countries in one sitting!!! We were at it for almost 2 hours.  She picked the countries, in this order:  Austria, Japan, Norway, Cambodia, and Korea.  Excellent choices.  I have big things planned for when we get to Poland :)

Also this week: a new storage solution!  I am (was!) so sick of stepping over laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes with no where to go. Our house was built in 1940, and apparently no one wore many clothes back then, because our house only has one teeny tiny closet upstairs in Mimi's room and a sort of half closet about 3 feet tall in Maxwell's room.  Our bedroom has no closet at all.  So my truly genius husband came up with this idea!  It holds so much and has completely eliminated the problem of clean-laundry-no-home.   It's even eliminated one (of many) falling apart dressers that I've been dying to give the heave.

I can't seem to take a picture today without it looking kind of fuzzy... I hope Chris didn't do something to my camera while he was in NY, oy.  I'll play with it :)  The dogs are at the groomers, they're long overdue.  Pa is at work.  Mimi is at nursery school and Maxwell is at way-too-long first grade.  So it's just me here.  It's really quiet.  It's nice :)  Though I will be happy when they all start coming back one (Mimi) by two (Jeter and Jill) by one (Maxwell) by one (Pa).  Happy Friday!!!!!  YAAAY!!!


  1. It was a lecture on liquefaction. Nice laundry hangers!

  2. "laundry hangers" hahahahahaha!!!!! Hey how come my camera seems so fuzzy????? Love you xoxo

  3. Awesome! Our house was built in 1960 but I think the bedrooms have been retofitted with closets (they don't jive with the rest of the house), but we have the cuteist broom closet that is all original. I love puting the broom away just because it is so cute!! ;)