Friday, March 2, 2012

Living on the Dance Floor!

Okay, let's talk about DANCE MOMS!!!!
Abby, I love you.  You are always right, and those moms are lunatics!  Let's talk about this last episode.  Nia did pretty well I thought.  I actually like watching Nia dance the best of all.  She's not the best technical dancer, but she has the most life in her dancing. She's the most vibrant. Her face always stands out to me during the group numbers.  Her solo this week was really hard and she really gave it her all. Her legs were really bent during her last two ariels, but other than that I thought it was pretty darn good.  If not for those bent legs, I thought she could have beaten Kendall.  Kendall is technically good but there's not that much punch, or "attack", as Abby would say.  I can't believe that Jill took Kendall and went over to that lunatic Cathy and her lame Candy Apples, a move she will surely regret.  What a loon that Cathy woman is, but I have to admit I do get a huge kick out of her.  Did you see that ridiculous group number, "This is a funeral?".  You're telling me it is, Cathy. What a snooze.  I loved Abby's group number, "Head Over Heals". How cute were those veils and garters???  Next week's episode looks GREAT.  I now look forward to Tuesday nights like you wouldn't believe.  Tuesday is the new Friday, people.  Get on the floor. 

On the top of my pyramid for this week is...
And let's not forget that she's the only one who can do the dead drop.