Friday, March 9, 2012

Listen to your inner hairdresser.

Everyone tells me I should grow my hair out.  I never ask anyone if I should grow my hair out, they just feel like this is somehow welcomed advice.  I guess they finally got to me, and for the past four or five months I have been letting it grow.  Well, guess what. It looked like a flat mess.  I got it cut at a swanky place today (swanky for me anyway.  Basically this means not Cutting Crew), and this chick really knew her way around a pair of scissors.  I LOVE IT!  It feels so light and clean. How do women have long hair????  For me it's like having a heavy blanket draped over my scalp.  Plus it looks like merde every time I grow it.  Here's some pics of the happier, lighter-headed Lisa, sans shmata.  AHHHHHHhhhhhhhh..............

Taking your own picture in the mirror is way harder than it looks!

I couldn't get a straight-on picture without chopping off the tip of my head.

Tucked behind the ears.

Check out those prominent greys!!! (I'm so partial to spelling "grey" with an "E" even though it's not the preferred spelling. It just looks so much greyer with an "E". Thoughts?)

More greys but looking great!

I think I should print out these pictures and take them with me every time I get my hair cut.  This is the best haircut I've ever gotten!  And please, no why-did-u-cut-ur-hair-it-was-getting-so-long comments.  If you want to know why, go back to the top of the post!  I feel AWESOME!


  1. Your hair looks great. I do the same thing whenever I get a great haircut...take pictures from all angles in hopes of recreating the look. It doesn't usually work for me however. Love, Mom.

  2. Thanks mom. Your hair always looks good! Yours is really long! I like long hair on other people but when my hair gets long it just doesn't want to behave, and I'm not a good disciplinarian.