Friday, March 16, 2012

Leprechaun on the loose!

One or all of the teachers at Mimi's nursery school must be Irish, because they have been making such a huge deal about St. Patrick's Day this week.  All week long it's been green clothes, green food, and Irish music.  And they have been making little leprechaun traps and setting them up all over the room. WELL, today when Mimi got to school the room was a wreck!  A leprechaun had tipped over the chairs and the tables and wrote on them with green paint!  It said, "You missed me!"  and there were green footprints going up and down the stairs!  This is serious.  Mimi said that there was even green peeps in all the potties.  Let me tell you, those teachers go ALL OUT.  Mimi was so excited when I picked her up and couldn't stop talking about the fun day she had searching for the leprechauns at school. She told me that she's pretty sure he was hiding in the block center because she heard a little laugh :)  When Max got home she told him all about it too :)

Now the kids are playing upstairs with Gianna, who is sleeping over :) 

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