Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best cookbook ever!

i got this amazing cookbook at the library. My librarian friend (and partner in crime) put it aside for me after she was done hoarding it for months. Every time I came in she would show it to me and the different recipes she was obsessed with that particular day and I'd say, "are you done yet???" and she would say,  "NO! But I'm not going to let anyone else have it, it's ours!!!"  HAHAHAHA!!!!  Well, let me tell you, she hasn't steered me wrong yet with books!  This one is fabulous!!!  I would LOOOVVVVE this cookbook for my very own.  There are just too many great recipes to write out by hand or photocopy, like I usually do with cookbooks. Every once in a while there's a cookbook that just has way more hits than misses (Super Natural Every Day by Heidi Swanson is another of this ilk...) and this is one of those!  It's on my wish list xoxoxox.

Judy came over in the middle of my cookbook photo shoot with LOTS of Target clothes for Mimi!  Max too :) And a box 'o Diet Pepsi :)