Thursday, March 15, 2012

There he goes...

I've been letting Welly ride his bike up and down the street by himself.  He just got home from school and he's off!

And back he comes...

Also, I stumbled onto a very interesting file called "Pa's cell phone" and look what I found!!!!  Look at all this monkey business that takes place when Mommy's not around!

Do you see the long power cords in the background of the ramen pictures???  That's from when we had the long power outage at Halloween and all we could eat was ramen for a week.  The pans are Pa's attempt at Panuche a few months ago.  I'm not really sure about the rest! 
p.s. is anyone ever going to comment on my blog??? I feel like no one loves me  :(


  1. I'm ebjoying even if I am not commenting! I am always a little afraid to see the pictures on Dan's cell. Some times it is just better for mama to be left in the dark... ;) XO

  2. HAHAHA!!! Ya, my family keeps saying "I can't figure out how to comment". Should I believe that????

  3. The word verification is a pain and sometimes stalls me on commenting more...

  4. Okay, you do make a good point there. You can all thank "the pilot's wife" for getting you off the hook!

  5. Thank you pilot's wife. I read the blog everyday, many times during the day, but almost always on my cell phone, and it won't let me comment through the phone. Also, it takes me multiple tries to get the scrambled words right. Just wait until you get old! Love, Mom

  6. well at least my old faithfuls are commenting even if I can't seem to drum up any more business. :)