Monday, March 5, 2012

Home sick from school.

Max really wasn't feeling good today.  He mostly slept the day away, and woke up a few times to eat.  Here he is sleeping off the germs this afternoon.  Notice the bright red ear and cheek and the crumpled up tissues.  Poor little guy...

But he is really doing much better now. He's playing with Mimi in the living room :)  And we ALL ate really well, thanks to Judy who stopped over with a rotisserie chicken and some garlic mashed potatoes!  We pretty much ate the whole thing!!!  Little "J" can put it away like no kid I've ever seen.  There won't be too much left over, sorry Jeter and Jill! Check it out!

Told ya! 
That's all that's left of a Big Y Superbird, a pound of garlic mashed potatoes and corn!  

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