Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why doesn't Mimi ever want to eat, and why is the Board of Ed jerking us around?

Mimi and I are having a girls day.  That's what we call it when the boys are at work and school and we have the day to ourselves.  So far we dropped Maxwell off at school a half hour late (which couldn't be helped, he woke up in the night not feeling well, so I didn't really want to push too hard in the morning), then we went to the bank, Family Dollar, and then to the grocery store.  Now we're home.  We cut out some paper dolls and now she's watching Franklin. But she's still insisting she's not hungry.

Last night Chris and I attended the meeting at Maxwell's school to find out more about the proposed closing.  I was sitting right behind the principal and she made comments the whole way through, making it obvious that she is totally on board with the closing and probably an early retirement.  That really bummed me out, that our own principal doesn't even want to fight for our school.  It doesn't surprise me though.  She's something else, that one.  The Board said that this is just a proposal, and proceeded to give us all the reasons why the school should be closed.  They were saying how text books are obsolete and everything needs to go digital. YUCK. Then at the end, one of the main dudes says, Unless we can find a way of coming up with a million dollars, and I don't see how we would be able to do that, this would be the direction we will be taking.  So read between the line, that school's a goner.  Such a shame.

Well, I'm still going to try to have a good day today.  We're not going to come to a schooling conclusion for the kids right now. I'm just going to have to be patient, do my homework, and stay really involved.  It's gloomy and my allergies are totes acting up, but Mimi and I bought some fresh groceries to make a soft taco dinner tonight :) and I can look forward to Dance Moms at 9:00.  Also, I'm right smack in the middle of 1Q84, and every time I open it I'm sucked right into that world.  Now I have to get Mimi to eat something because just drinking milk all day is not an option, Pip Squeak!

Pip working conscientiously on her paper dolls.

 What Pip likes to do is take stickers and stick them on poster board, then cut them out and use them as little dolls.

 Finally I get Pip to eat under threat of not playing paper dolls until she chomps something.

 Probably the least flattering picture ever taken of me, ever.  No, not probably.  Definitely.  Thanks, Mim.

                                                    1Q84, page 547.  I'll see you tonight.

                                                          Playing paper dolls upstairs   :)


  1. Looks like a great day! :)

  2. Actually it turned out to be a really amazing day!