Thursday, March 8, 2012

A kick in the pants.

I thought the worst thing my child could come home from school with was lice, but I was wrong.

How about a notice that says the decision has been made to close down the school.  You can come to a meeting, but it's just informational.  The school your child loves is closing.  The little homey-feeling building right down the street. The one you can walk to.  Closing in just four months, along with another school in the district.

This means that all those kids will be split up and sent to the remaining schools in the area.  The classrooms will get more crowded. The bus ride will be longer.  Same with the wait in the cafeteria.  It will be less personal.  One thing I really loved about that school was how personal it was.  It felt like home.  Well, maybe it's time to consider that. 

Even though that school really was what I wanted for my child in terms of a public school education, I always had a nagging feeling like my son was too far away, and spending too much time away from home.  Is all that time spent at school amounting to what it should?  In our world today, is sending our children off to school the best thing for them?  Or should we maybe consider something else?  Maybe, just maybe, I should, could, be the one teaching my child????