Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cultural Extravaganza!

Tonight was action packed.  We went to First Grade Game Night at CAS and made an educational board game.  We also got to choose two free books, and they were really good ones!  Then we scooted over the the high school for Cultural Heritage Night.  I'm not trying to brag, but the best display of the night was POLAND!!!!  Then into the auditorium for a healthy dose of culture. 

 This is the high school jazz band performing "Vehicle", first recorded by the Ides of March. Let me tell you, they really did their thing. Mama may have to pick up an Ides of March album.  That song was great.

 High School chorus singing Danny Boy.  Good job, kids.

 A Scottish Poem.

 Dancer from Laos.  Mimi was really into this one.  I ran into her and her mom in the bathroom. Her mom was beside herself with pride.  It was so cute. 

We also saw some fine Tae Kwon Do presentations complete with board-breaking (Maxwell's favorite). We left during the piano and flute number because...

THIS is what was starting to happen:

This family will sacrifice sleep for culture!