Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wait, have we talked about Dance Moms yet?

Dance Moms this week was the best episode yet.  Abby had the girls do a fan dance. You know, one fan in front and one in the back.  It was a cool number that of course the moms freaked out about.  They didn't like that the girls were wearing tan colored tops and shorts. Too suggestive, they said. Ya, it was WAY suggestive, but Abby did it well, and Moms, this is the game you signed up for.  After all that moaning and groaning about the girls' costumes, the moms proceed to get a stripper for Melissa in honor of her engagement and have him do his thing in the dressing room.  Those mom are flipping lunatics.  BUT that was not even the craziest part of the show!  The craziest part of the show was when Kristy let Chloe dress up in the meat suit for Kathy's beef jerky commercial!  Oh Dance Moms, you slay me.  You really spice up my Tuesday nights. 

The stand-out of the number was Mackenzie. I loved how she came flipping out from behind Brooke's fans, and I loved it at the end when they made the big fan tree.  I knew it wasn't going to win because it was just too hokey.  But I'm a fan of hokey most of the time.  I was thinking of posting a pic of Chloe's meat suit but it was just so bad.  I just felt so bad for the kid!  Speaking of meat suits (should we ever really be speaking of meat suits?) how FABULOUS is it that Lady BlahBlah is off the radar?  Gosh, I've heard enough from that vile woman.  If I never hear about gaga again it will be too soon.  I'm not a fan!  GET IT? FAN!!!! HA!

As far as future television plans go, Ice Loves Coco is all new Sunday night :)  Be there and get ready to believe in love!  Also a comment on Ink Master:  What a lame choice.  Tommy clearly rocked that finale.  What's the point of a final challenge if the judges are only going to judge you on your past work.  Did you see that grim reaper??? I mean, it's not my personal taste, but that was one bad ass tattoo.  And so was the art deco lady and apple. But he still lost. LAME.  Now that Ink Master is finished, I'm down to my two shows that I watch and love faithfully each week: Dance Moms and Ice Loves Coco.  Quality programming for the tired mama.