Sunday, March 11, 2012

As requested, Ink pics.

I got a comment from my last post from one of my many followers wondering why there were no ink pics.  I don't like to disappoint my Eggheads, so here they are.  You be the judge.  It's not just me, right?  Tommy is clearly the winner here:

Tommy's Grim Reaper from the 12 hour challenge:

 Shane's Buddha Statue from the 12 hour challenge:

After that they had one more final challenge:  They were able to do any tattoo in any style on their "human canvases" (basically volunteers nuts enough to get a tattoo they have no say in) and they had 6 hours to do it.  Here are the tats:

Tommy's art deco Lady Holding Apple:

Shane's skull with a fern wrapped around it:

To me the grim reaper was by far the strongest tattoo of the night.  The Buddha was okay but a bit flat and the thumbs were off.  One was really thin and the other was huge.  On the six hour challenge, I thought Tommy really pulled it out with a difficult tattoo of a portrait that he had to draw by hand.  The skull I thought was a little on the easy side for this level of artists.  Plus the coloring was a little flat to me and the fern had no detail.

 Tommy hard at work on his human canvas.

Shane: one cocky dude, and winner of the title.  I think Tommy got robbed.  He was my favorite from the beginning.  Shane always played it safe.  I can't be the only one who thinks so.  


  1. Good job ink masters. I guess we know who the Blog Master should be!

  2. The more I look at these the more I see the little flaws. Like on the grim reaper, the grip he has on the spear is kind of wierd. Plus the point on the spear is a little off. Then the Buddah looks like he needs a shave. The elbow on the art deco lady is a little wonky and the skull is so flat and the color choices there were horrible. That red color makes that skull look like an overcooked tomatoe. I'm glad I don't have any tattoos, because I'd probably just sit there are tear them apart.

  3. AND that fern looks like it's sitting in a stalk of celery.

  4. Ya I know what you mean. I think the lady's shoulder looks a little misproportioned too.

  5. The whole are is off, actually. And that's probably the easiest thing about the whole piece! The judges never even mentioned the arm either, did you notice that?

    1. I meant to write "arm is off", just clarifying...

  6. The more I look at these the more they go from Inkmasters to Inkdisasters.

  7. But I am having a bad night. I'm liable to get a "screw you, board of ed" tattoo right now. I just hope I would live to regret it. I doubt I ever would. Regret it, that is.

  8. But hey, tomorrow is DANCE MOMS!!!!!