Monday, March 12, 2012

Library Trip

We found a really amazing nursery school for Mimi this year.  She really enjoys going and is getting a lot out of it. The teachers are great.  They always say, "this is our favorite place in the world" and it totally shows.  Today we took a walk to the library with the nursery school and heard two stories about Saint Patrick's Day :)

 Then the kids made shamrock hats.  Mimi worked really hard on hers.  She was the last student at work at the tables!

 Mimi looking cute and youthful

Hmmm... Mommy looking a little tired and puffy...

Mimi working her favorite color.


  1. Nice work Mimi!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ya, she was so darn cute. Everyone else finished and ran off to play and she was working away, even after the teachers came around and cleaned up all the crayons and scraps! You can see in the last pictures that all she has at the table is her one purple crayon that she wouldn't give up :)