Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a difference a year makes!

My Mimi is turning 6 tomorrow...
Look where we were last year on her birthday...
A year that was certainly short, but look at the change!

Here's little Mimi on her 5th birthday...

This was such a great day. I picked her up from Tender Years and we went to McDonald's for her birthday lunch, just the two of us, and she was being super cute the whole time.  Then we came home and played dolls until everyone arrived for her party! I love that nursery school age :)

And here's grown-up Mimi turning 6!
Home from school with her tooth in a box!  She really wanted to lose it at school so she could go to the nurse and get one of those little tooth box necklaces. She managed to wiggle it out five minutes before school ended before Christmas vacation!  Now the other front tooth is hanging by a thread, but she's babying it so that she can pull it out on her birthday. I never thought she'd get it to last that long, but then again, this is Mimi we're talking about and it looks like she's going to manage to pull it off (no pun intended).

I'm also noticing that in a year I haven't managed to tidy up the house much...  I'll work on that in 2013 ;)