Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's a niece day!

Newtown had some flooding last night and cancelled school for the day. What does that mean for me??? ...

It's a niece day!!!

It's rare that I ever get Gianna to myself (well, Nate was there too...). It was quite a day.  First we made dinner for a friend of mine whose mom just passed away. This was mostly a successful venture. However, you should know, as my friend puts it, that my domestic goddess is hiding (please send her back if you find her!) and this is what happened to the mashed potatoes....

Yes, I'm totally owning this. Gianna peeled 6 very large potatoes while I made a banana bread. Then I put them is some boiling water for 30 minutes (that's what the cookbook said!). THIS is what I poured out of the pot!!!!  Gianna thought it was hilarious. (Okay, it was).

Here's a steamy picture...

So instead my friend got salad, Annie's mac&cheese and veggies with her meatloaf (which came out really good, thank goodness!).

We brought it over and they were happy to get it :) So that was nice...

Then we played Taiga.

She won both times (by quite a lot...).

She took this cute picture of me and Nate:

I took these cute ones of G and Nate:

And this one of just Nate:

And it was a really good day!  Now I have to go bring her home.  I'm glad I got a chance for it to be a day just me and my niece!

One more thing...
Further proof of the domestic goddess disappearance...

More embarrassing than this picture is the fact that my family is really proud of me for this!!!  They ALL said, wow Mom, you're really getting it!!! So you can imagine my previous attempts if THIS is the one they are all so impressed with!  

But this really made my day!


  1. I never showed you how to knit or crochet. Looks like someone showed you. Keep it up!

    1. Thank you for getting me out of my rut since this attempt!!!! Next time you come over I'll show you the scarf I'm making, nothing fancy but I am so happy with it!

  2. This is not good. This is horrible! I can't seem to get past the second row! It just knots up and no matter how loose I try to keep the thing it just ends up turning into a tight tangle. First I loop the thing, then I stitch down the row, and at the end of that row I ALWAYS have a whole bunch of extra yarn hanging that has nowhere to go. I try to do another row but it just becomes a mess. I have to be doing something wrong. I'm watching all these tutorials but it is not coming together for me at all. If you knew how long it took me to just get to this pitiful spot.... sigh.

  3. I think you need a vacation to Reno, we'll knit and cook and play!!! I'll even white tornado before you get here!! ;) We have a very nice airport (and a really evil good yarn shop)!!!
    This is the gal I like best for knitting videos. I think your missing (or adding) something!!

  4. I was seriously just thinking that I need to figure out a way to get out there this year! But don't you dare do a white tornado, that's my job!!!

  5. Yes! We should make it happen! Would you bring everyone or would this be a mama and babe only trip?!?! We can totally make it happen!

    1. Not sure who would be tagging along if I did come...Our hurdles are money, school, time and my fear of flying... but I still think we might be able to make it happen!

  6. Is your problem your tension? I was teaching someone to knit and they kept having the same problem because the stitches weren't defined. Keep at it, Rome wasn't yarn bombed in a day! ;)

  7. That is an adorable comment! HA! I've gotten a much better hang of things since this, though I haven't yet advanced beyond knit and pearl in a straight row, so a scarf is all I'm presently capable of. But I'm doing my homework, so hopefully soon I'll be working on something great! But you are right that tension is an issue... Not sure how to fix that...yet :)

    1. Truly a novice am I, I spelled "purl" wrong!