Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Finally that tooth came out and it was with much dramatic flair, in keeping with the personality of its owner. We were at Big G's for dinner. Max, Mimi and Gianna turned off all the lights and started playing a game they call "Ghost", which is basically running and wrestling in the pitch dark.  After just a few minutes Mimi finds me and whispers in a teary voice, Mommy, my tooth flew out of my mouth and it's lost!!!!  So the game came to a screeching halt and the lights went back on, flashlights were passed out, and we all got down on our  hands and knees looking for this long-awaited missing tooth.  I couldn't find it, Gianna couldn't find it, Mary couldn't find it. I knew if anyone was going to find it, it was Maxwell and his uncanny ability to find and see all things.  And just as I thought, Maxwell didn't give up until he found that tooth underneath the rug.  They couldn't have planned it better, because afterwards Mimi went around collecting dollars from everyone there,  and Max ALSO got some dollars as reward money for the tooth rescue, and of course no one could slight Gianna's gallant effort either. So all three of them went home much richer, not to mention the cash Mimi made off the tooth fairy the next morning.  No wonder we get such a big, beautiful smile!!!

Here's the Handsome Homeworker series:

And some after dinner dancing:


  1. What a great tooth detective!! Happy smiles Mimi!

  2. I love the story!! And the handsome homework photo montage!! XO