Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snow Day Finds

School was cancelled today. The first thing we did was call Uncle Mark to find out if Gianna had school and if she could come over for the day. After a bit of finagling, we managed to get her over here around 1:00. The kids played their favorite game, "Family", and then got dressed up in costumes. But with my hands full of Nate, I never managed to get a picture of it. I did, however, get a few pictures of something else. I was changing Nate and Mimi started calling me to COME QUICK!!!! But Mimi is known to cry a bit of wolf, and COME QUICK could easily mean Mom, I need an emergency glass of Hop (chocolate milk).  So I didn't come immediately. But I should have, because when I finally made my way over to the kitchen, they were all staring out the window at a huge owl in our Maple tree!

I quickly snapped this one from inside the kitchen, then I put a confused Nathan in his crib with instructions to Gianna to keep him happy-ish, and I ran outside...

..and took just a few more (blurry, unfortunately, because I only had a couple of seconds) before he flew away... the big oak tree in front of our neighbor's house. Can you spot him?  I bet you will be able to if you click on the picture and make it bigger...

 How about now?

 I called my neighbor in the white house on the other side of the street and told her to run to the window and show Sammy and Tabs. They all got to see it right before it flew away.

Mimi is very proud of herself for spotting this one! The last one was spotted by Maxwell, and now Mimi feels likes she's arrived!  Good job, Mimi!  I LOVE snow days!


  1. Wow ! Cool!! We miss all the wildlife in CT. (except the ticks)! XO

  2. It was so big! The pictures don't make it look as big as it was! I bet NV wildlife is really good.

  3. Spotting owls is the best best best! Once had one fly close overhead while out on a walk - what a feeling!

  4. It's only the second one we've seen but hopefully not the last!