Thursday, January 24, 2013

a sick day

Today Maxwell stayed home from school. Diagnosis: fever and bad cough. We spent the day playing Pictureka! and bird watching from the window.  Maxwell spotted about 20 (maybe more) European starlings in the front yard. We tried to take a picture of them but they were too quick for us. Here's what they look like, though. They're really pretty. Here's a really pretty one...

Max perked up and then got run down many times during the day. He kept asking: what is Mimi doing right now at school, Mommy? Last time he was home sick, he kept asking: what would I be doing right now if I were at school, Mommy?  So we tried to figure it out.  His teacher announced to the class today that she is having a baby boy (congratulations, Mrs. Lopez!). She sent Max a picture to my e-mail of an "it's a boy" sign  so Maxwell wouldn't miss out on the announcement :)  and Mimi came home with a little goody bag with an "it's a boy" pencil and a blue swirly lollipop for him :) (Mimi teacher is also pregnant, she's having a girl). I'm definitely keeping him home again tomorrow, because he needs another day to rest, and it's also just so nice to have these quiet, calm days with the boys!

We also took pictures!
Max is always taking pictures of me and this cuddly Nate :) 

Then we took pictures of Nate checking out his baby loony toons mobile...

And finally I got the camera back...

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