Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun days with Nate

Nate really loves to lie under his play mat and watch his toys swinging!  Today we had lots of fun looking at the toys and smiling!  he is the sweetest little baby.  Everything about him is just so sweet :)


 Here's little Nate in one of his onesies from Tracy :)  and his buddy Sock Monkey from M&M&G!  He just started sleeping in his crib because he outgrew his little bassinet.  So before he spent the night, we did a lot of playing in there to get him used to his new digs.  He slept well (but I will miss the little bassinet!).

More crib playing in his fuzzy argyle jammies...

 And of course babies like to be nakey!

Yesterday was very mild, so we had to take advantage of it and take our very first walk!  Don't worry, he's very snug and warm and bundled in there :)

Peeking out before he fell asleep...

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  1. Ohh, I remember those days. They go too quick don't they?