Monday, December 31, 2012

Gianna & the Giants!

My niece Gianna is a Sandy Hook Elementary School student and she, along with her entire school, was invited to attend yesterday's Giant's game! They went on the field for the national anthem and slapped hands with all the players and then watched the game from the Pepsi box! AND she was on the jumbo tron. She said she had a great time:)

That's her in the red scarf :) Her mommy is behind her to her left in the white vest.

Red scarf on the left...

 Then today we all got together for lunch at Big G's house (that's their Great Gramma).  Phone calls were made beforehand to plan this fashionable day :)  Picture taken on Uncle Mark's cell phone...

Then Mark took Max, Mimi, and Gianna to his house "for an hour", but it looks like I may not be getting them back until tomorrow afternoon!  Oh well...
Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! Go Gianna, I see her there, looks like she had fun! And the outfits are adorbs!

  2. I love "adorbs"! YOUR profile pic is adorbs! Ya, I love these pictures. When you make them bigger you can she the expression on her face, super adorbs!!!

  3. I knew you'd love adorbs, that's why I wrote it!