Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's really hard to think about anything else for long and not be sad, but at night we've been reading a few chapter books, and that has been a nice, peaceful part of our day.  I look forward to cuddling up with M&M each night and reading more of our books.  Here we are in Mimi's room. We started with Maxwell's book first, about a boy who develops the power to understand animals.  Mimi's book is an American Girl's book, McKenna. That's the doll that she has. I read a few of the historical series when I was younger- they are really good!  This one is too!

Here's Nate and me:

Here's some pictures of Nate that came out really funny but cute as usual :)

This one just cracks me up!

Don't you just want to smooch him???

This guy just loves being up on the changing table! He loves to just kick around up there. Pretty cute.

This weekend Max and Mimi really wanted to have some oreos even though they already had some sweets earlier, but this was just not the weekend I wanted to say "no" to them... so I made them sing for their supper, or wash dishes for their dessert.  Max picked up and washed up the table. You can see what a good job he did if you look behind Mimi in the second picture :)  And here's Pippy doing a great job on the dishes...