Saturday, August 25, 2012

The BIG "B"!

A long post for a very big day, a day at the fair: Gramma Sandy's fair! Mary and Phil came along and made it extra special and fun for the kids, and 100x's easier for a pregnant mama! 

The first thing we did was the "jumpoline". That's Mimi over on the left side behind the poles. They were super cute and they loved this!

A bite to eat. Pippy eating a hot dog, Pippy-style.

Tractors in action.

This little bunny was in the bunny&poultry building, and Maxwell fell in love with it. We took this picture and Max kept asking me to show it to him. On the way home he wanted to see it again and he even gave him a name. He says he's going to get ready for a bunny just like this one. Well, Eggers do love their animals. I think Pa and I are going to have to figure out how to get Maxwell a little bunny. But first we have to have a baby, then a bunny!

We were just in time to watch Roy show his steers.  Good job, Roy and Jolene :)

Maxwell caught in a floofy moment, and a third-trimester Mommy happy to be in the shade.

Mary and Phil were truly loving life at the fair! And they appreciated the VIP treatment!

Maxwell is a true Egg, a real animal lover.

Give me that Pip!

Maxwell gets serious about milking a "cow".

Mimi too.

Maxwell entered his tee-shirt and won a blue ribbon!

Mimi too!

Ice Cream daze.

Pa and I walked around by ourselves for an hour and checked out the tractors. This man knows his tractors.  I do too, I have to say, because we spent the first couple years of our marriage watching "Classic Tractor Fever" on RFD TV in our apartment. 

I thought I might look petite if I stood in front of this enormous combine. Did it work? Sort of?

End of the night. Gramma gave the kids a lift back to our car. We packed a lot in. Max and Mimi were so brave. They even did a rock climb while harnessed up. They went really high, especially Max! And Max went on a REALLY fast ride called the Polar Express. That was a surprise, b/c usually he will shy away from the fast or high rides (Mimi loves them!). But I think he went on that one 3 times!  And who did they go on all these rides with?... MARY, who gets the Eggers blue ribbon of the day!  Phil, you too, thanks for throwing me cold waters at exactly the right times!  This was a very good year for the fair, well done, Gramma Sandy!


  1. Awesome!! ;) And you look great!! I wish I was closer to put my hand on your belly and feel that little egg kick!! XO

    1. Thanks, I need compliments right now ;) If you were here you really could do that! He kicks a lot!!!

  2. Thanks for the fun!!