Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"I love to see the temple..."

Trying to find a picture as beautiful as the actual temple is impossible. But I do like this one :)

We had a ward temple trip to Boston on Monday (Labor Day), and we were able to take the kids. The bishopric and the youth members took care of them in the church building and outside, gave them lunch, and walked them up to the temple. They got to go inside the front room of the temple and ask the temple president questions. I asked Mimi what some of the questions were, and she said, "How many inches are there in the temple?". Good question!

This was the first time Chris and I had been back to the temple together since our own sealing seven years ago!  We have both gone back separately, but never together. That's kind of how it is when you have little kids and the temple is so far away. But this trip was a great opportunity to go back together.  I was a little nervous about leaving the kids, but I really didn't worry at all once I was inside the temple. And when we went to pick them up, they were running around the grounds and playing frisbee with the other kids and didn't want to leave! They had a great time! Yay for temple blessings!

On our way home, Chris and I both said we thought it was the best temple trip yet :)  The things that are required of us so that we can go to the temple are very worth doing!!!  This was a great experience for our family.  The building of the Hartford temple is scheduled to start in the fall, and to be completed in two years.  THAT will be great!

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