Saturday, September 8, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment

After a rocky start to our new school, I was so happy to open up their backpacks this week and see so much beautiful, thoughtful work!  So far we have been very blessed with wonderful teachers, and it looks like this year is the going to be the same.  I was anxious about them going to the bigger school, and it was a little crazy the first week with late buses, etc. BUT they both come home happy and giving me great reports :)  SO relieved.  I think we'll be okay after all...
Here are some backpack delights and highlights of the week!

Maxwell brought home this beautiful picture of a lion.  The kids listen to a story and draw what they pictured in their minds, and then write a description (I love that kind of stuff! Maxwell's teacher seems really, really good).  Max wrote, "I drew when the lion got trapped" and drew this detailed picture! I went crazy for this and Max was pretty proud :)

In Mimi's folder I found this note from her teacher. WOW Mimi!  Great job!  Her teacher seems just right for her, and she's settled right in.  Mimi says she really likes school! It's great to see her excited about it after all my worries. PHEW!!!!  So glad I can give this good report!!! 

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