Sunday, September 9, 2012

Worth the wait.

Every year since we've been married, Chris has wanted to go see the WWII bombers at Oxford airport, and every year we either can't go or we miss it. This year we finally went.  Maxwell was so excited. Mimi had a good time too.

I got in line for this one, but as soon as I got to the top of the ladder, I came right down. It was very claustrophobic in there!  But the rest of the fam didn't hesitate :)

Maxwell was getting pretty excited, it was very cute :)

Going over to the other plane...

The line was shorter for this plane so they wanted to go through again, but this time they wouldn't let Pa come with them!  Then they went through the other plane again with Pa because the line was long.  A sidenote: for the past two days, Mimi has been calling Pa "Shnozzle", as in, "Come here, Shnozzle. Hi there, Shnozzle."  She was doing it all weekend and the whole time we were there.  I asked Maxwell where on earth she got that from, and he said that it was the name of the proboscis monkey on Wild Kratts (a show about animals that they love)!  Mimi! So now every time Mimi calls him Shnozzle, Pa calls her Shnozzle Jr., and of course she flips out!  But hopefully it will make her lay off of poor Pa soon, who is a really good sport, and who in no way deserves such a handle!

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