Thursday, August 2, 2012

What a Pip!

This is Pip after her tub!!! I wish there could be some audio to go along with this because she was cracking me up :) Pa had a less enjoyable night, he spent the evening downstairs sawing off soaking wet drywall and ripping up the saturated carpet from the finished basement. It was bad, but by comparison, we had it far better than most of our unfortunate neighbors.  My poor neighbor across from us in the razed ranch was in tears, carpet absolutely soaking and furniture ruined.  I saw it, it was BAD.  Another Mama I know who has a razed ranch at the bottom of our hill had a foot of water in her basement living room!!! YIKES. I've been hearing the horror stories.  So believe it or not I feel lucky.  And lucky to have a great husband who stays sweet even through a floor-and-wall-soaking flood!

Here's what our basement looks like now:
This is the foot of the basement stairs with the drywall all cut away...

This is looking into our finished basement after Pa had to rip out the part of the carpet that was saturated...

 And this is the wall behind the freezer which also had to go!  And there's a lot more that has to go too, but it's going to have to wait for now...  But with that part gone it smells much better indeed!

WAIT!!! You will not believe what just happened!!! It's 10:55 at night and Pa just came up from slaving away downstairs and took a shower, and we were all set to cuddle up and watch a Conchords, when we heard a big commotion outside... JILLIAN GOT SPRAYED BY A SKUNK!!! Total direct hit and SOOOOOOO strong!!!!  So now we're on our way outside to wash her with tomato sauce!!! Can you believe this week??? 

I'm back. It's 11:30. Here we are washing our darn dog with tomato sauce and tons of soap!!!

Oh man did she stink!  And even after all that she doesn't smell all that great...Those big trash cans are all the drywall and carpet Pa pulled out.  

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