Thursday, August 9, 2012

What have been your favorite Olympic moments so far?

Here are my top three!


Sally Pearson from Australia won the 100 m hurdles, but what I loved the most was how thoroughly happy our two gals, Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells, were to win the silver and the bronze.  I've been seeing so many Olympiads devastated by their 2nd and 3rd place standings, it was so refreshing to see these two class acts be so happy to be the 2nd and 3rd best in the world!!!  Has anyone else been incredibly proud and impressed by the classiness of our gals' track team?  I just love them!


Aly Raisman sure put on a show with her two gold medal wins and a cliff-hanger bronze.  I loved that bronze win, the way everyone immediately challenged the score and called it out. She did deserve it, I thought. Did feel a little bad for Romania who got bumped, she was amazing.  THEN that floor routine! WOW! I loved her Jewish shout out with Hava Nagila.  It was awesome. Then Romania came back with a near perfect routine, and honestly I was a little nervous b/c she really brought it.  But Aly was the winner :)  Another super class act too. Handled the pressure beautifully.


Don't you just LOVE Allyson Felix???  Has there ever been a more lovable Olympian?  I LOVE her sweet persona in interviews and then her complete switch to serious and ticked off for the track.  These U.S. track girls are blowing me away.  What class.  I was so happy for Allyson Felix, what a great race.  HOW do they go that fast???? Amazing.

Can you tell I really like watching the ladies in individual events???  I love it!!! I have Olympic fever this time around!


  1. I fianally get to see your blog and I go on the site to see, positivty exploding from the pages! I love it! and I love youe eye for human greatness - you know that its more than who you are when you get to the finish line - its who you are after that, that counts

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so happy you came by for a visit :) You're the sweetest!