Saturday, August 25, 2012

Best Summer day

I've been more anxious than usual lately (I hate it!). But a very sweet friend dragged me out last night and we had a great heart-to-heart and I was able to get a lot off my chest AND gain some great insight.  The by-product of that was: I felt so much better today, and I was really able to enjoy a great day at Jackson Cove with the kids and Chris :)  It was Chris's company picnic, so he picked us up around noon and we went right over. We had such a great day!

A pizza truck for the company and families: So good. Thin crust and lots of choices, all you could possibly want. The pieces were small so you could sample everything, and there was lots to sample! 

This was just the first batch (and only half the table)!  So many different kinds. YUM.

The ducks kept popping into the swimming area. They were like pet ducks, they just came right up to everyone :)  This is the bold mama. The babies brought up the rear.

Max and Mimi went right to it and stayed in the water all day (us too)  :)

Best goggles ever: they're like masks but without the nose piece.  Max had them first, and pretty soon I had to go buy Mimi a pair too b/c hers just paled in comparison. A bit expensive, but they turned out to be very worth it!  Also, notice that Maxwell lost his front tooth right in time to start second grade!

Mimi has perfected her handstand this summer.  She can hold her breath for a really long time, especially for a pip-squeak with little lungs!

Me and my Pippy.

Diving for smooth rocks.

Double handstands!

All day long I just kept thinking, wow, I feel so relaxed!!! I think this might last the whole day!!! This is so nice after weeks of having a knot in my stomach.  Hopefully this is me turning a corner on my anxiety for a while!!!

Just a note about anxiety: last night my friend said to me that she doesn't get as anxious as she used to, and here's how she fought it: She would write down everything she felt anxious about on one side of a sheet of paper. Then she would really think about it and write down everything she could do about each thing. Sometimes there was something she could do, and sometimes there was nothing! That would help her to see that for some things, she could make a plan that might help things, and for other things, there was nothing she could do and it was out of her hands.  That's such a great idea! And it's a proven method, b/c it worked for her!

Less than one week before school starts... many mixed emotions! Yes, it really is time to start, but I'll be in an empty nest (at least for a couple of months)! It's a new school, and Mimi's first year of all-day school! There's a lot to get done around the house, so I will be busy, but I will definitely be missing my kids, even though we've been driving each other slightly crazy this week with end-of-summer cabin fever... So I'll probably be making one of those lists very soon! But for tonight I'm just glad to have had such a nice, relaxing, FUN day!


  1. SO glad you found someone to chat with, that can really help! I have found journaling it all out helps too when you don;t have someone to listen! Miss you!!
    PS, on the above bunny idea. Just don't get two boys. Ours have become agressive with eachother and so now we have to do something about that. :P

    1. How did I miss this great comment? Yes, journaling too does help, I agree. Thanks for the bunny advice, I really don't know anything about them!

  2. My favorite place to swim when my brother and I were little!

    1. How cute is that profile picture?!?!?! I love it!!! Ya, it is great there! Makes me want to move to Oxford for the perks!