Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today it rained about as hard as it can possibly rain, and for the whole day with just little breaks.  Our town got hit especially hard and the whole downtown is roped off and flooded.  We even made the news. Here's the pics.

The boys shoveled out the water from the basement for about an hour. There was probably about 3 inches.  But look how they do it with a smile :)

                               And here's a cute shot of Pa filling up the tub, taken by little Mimi :)

Tonight we finally watched our last Conchords, now we've seen them all (most of them more than a few times).  THIS show we HIGHLY recommend!

A great moment for the Conchords, Brett gets back the camera phone!!!


  1. I wondered how you fared. Glad it was only 3 inches! Hope nothing got too damaged!! XOXO

  2. Seriously crazy over here. Right now Chris is downstairs ripping up carpet and sawing through drywall. My neighbors in the razed ranch got their downstairs living room destroyed. It was a real flood, crazy.