Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When it rains, she posts.

I call this series, Under Route 8.  If you're a local, try to figure out where I am!

 We had an impromtu family night at Big G's house. The menu was take-out Chinese food and lots of left-over Christmas desserts.

 Mimi forgoes the pumpkin pie and heads straight for the whipped cream.
 Gianna makes 'the morning announcements' and Mimi stands by to appreciate it.
 Pig Pile on Uncle Mark :0)
 Hamming it up.
 Mary wishes these select individuals a happy 2012! 
 My handsome brother.
 Mimi decides to pass on the red velvet cupcakes.
 A smooch for Daddy :0)
Mimi gets ready to head home in her toasy tweety hat.  Good night!  Enjoy the rainy night!

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